Shamrocks Solitaire

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Shamrocks Solitaire

Shamrocks is not just classic solitaire with a different set of themed cards. Shamrocks is a completely different card game that is pile based and very fun to play. If you're familiar with other classic pile based games like La Belle Lucie or Cruel Solitaire you'll really enjoy Shamrocks.

If you've never played before here's the place to learn.



  • Rick reposting ridgerunne - 2013-05-19 08:53:06

    Rick, Please give more strategies that I can improve my game by. I want to know more than just how to play the game, I want to know what to do when the piles are full (or how to prevent that), when I only have a few piles left, how to strategize moving cards around in such a way that will release neeeded cards. Are you able to help with this type of game improvement? I'd surely appreciate it because some of us who don't think as well through things, especially your disabled veterans would like to challenge our neurological patterns. Thank you for your help in this matter. slg

    Reply from Rick: For Shamrocks, I've noticed the best strategy is to try and clear the top cards in the piles first. You want to reduce the number of piles that have 3 cards in them as quickly as possible.

    The other thing is make sure you don't block a card in a pile with a card of the same suit that is higher in value. Never put a 7 of clubs on top of a 6 of clubs for instance.

    Also, do what you can to work cards into descending order. You may need to move cards into positions where a card with a higher value is on top of one with a lower value, but try to keep this as temporary as possible.

  • dude - 2013-01-10 10:55:44

    Nice game